How-To Guide: Filling Your Eyebrows

Hey guys! Todays post is the beginning of my “How-To Guide” series, how exciting! I have decided to start a how-to guide for makeup because I realize a lot of people who follow this blog are beginners & want to learn how to get their makeup looking perfect. By no means is my makeup always perfect but we can get there together. As you can already see this first guide is all about eyebrows!

Eyebrows, to me, can honestly make or break your face. They are some of the first things people see when they look at you. Generally, once in conversation you’re supposed to be making eye-contact & well, your eyebrows are right above those eyes of yours aren’t they? Before mastering anything else I think filling your eyebrows is key. Even without wearing a full face of makeup, if you have sparse brows lightly filling them definitely makes a difference.



To begin, always keep your eyebrows well groomed. Everyone has their preferences on how to groom but whether you pluck, thread, wax or otherwise, keep them looking neat at all times. I personally like to have mine threaded because it gives them a better shape than anything else.

My brows are also microbladed which is a form of tattooing however with microblading, pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. Hairlike strokes are drawn with the tool to mimic the natural hairs in each eyebrow. The pigment is not as deep as a regular tattoo therefore this is a semi-permanent solution to thin or uneven brows. Depending on your skin & lifestyle it can last up to 2 years but because of some slight fading over time most people touch up after about a year to keep their eyebrows looking their best.

Both my threading and microblading are done by Sherene of Amiri Beauty.

These are my unfilled brows pictured below.




Now we get into the good stuff! Even with microbladed eyebrows I definitely still do my eyebrows when I put on my makeup. It is just absolutely essential to me to give the eyebrows that extra pop. When I’m not wearing a full face of makeup & go almost bare faced (i.e. spot on concealer & some powder) I don’t tend to fill my eyebrows since the microblading makes them look naturally full & perfectly shaped.eyebrow-routine-2

There are so many products to choose from to fill your eyebrows & it really comes down to what works best for you. There are pencils,powders, pomades/waxes & even markers. I use each of these types of products for different reasons but my favorites are definitely eyebrow pencils & pomades. If you are a beginner I recommend first getting into eyebrow pencils.

Pencils allow for you to have good control of the product & increase or decrease intensity pretty easily. Most pencils come with a spoolie on one end that allows you to brush the product through your brows for even distribution. With pomades you have to be much more carful & use a light hand to avoid having your brows look too intense.

My eyebrows are the first step in my makeup routine because for me when I do my brows after foundation I find that the product slips & slides all over the place so its just easier for me this way. It also gives my primer some time to settle onto my skin before I apply foundation.

I’m going to show you how I use an eyebrow pencil on one brow & a brow pomade on the other.

Lets get right to it now shall we!

I’m going to be using the products below;




Prepping your eyebrows
  1. Brush brows into their shape.
  2. Measure your inner brow by resting your brow pencil on the side of your nostril  diagonally following the shape of your nose. This is the point at which your eyebrow should begin.
  3. Measure the end of your brow by resting your pencil on the outside corner of your nostril diagonally, extending to the outside crease of your eye.



Using a Pencil

I am using a Milani eyebrow pencil in the shade dark brown.

  1. Outline below your brows with your pencil.
  2. Outline above your brows starting about 1/4 of the way into your brow. Avoiding the inner brow area. You definitely don’t want the inner brow to be too dark or too defined.
  3. Use the spoolie to blend the product into your brows.
  4. Use the pencil to fill any areas of the brow that remain sparse & continue to blend.

(If you need to, based on where your inner brow should start, use the pencil to lightly create thin, hairlike strokes in the inner brow area.)



Using a pomade

Using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in the shade Chocolate & an angled brush.

  1. Lightly dip the brush into the pomade and outline below your brows.
  2. Without applying more product to the brush, outline above your brows starting about 1/4 of the way into your brow from the inner corner.
  3. Use the spoolie to blend the product into your brows.

Because of the consistency of a pomade this should give enough spreading to prevent having any sparse areas. You definitely do not want to add too much product because the colour intensifies very quickly.

(If you need to, based on where your inner brow should start, use the brush to lightly create hairlike strokes in the inner brow area.)


After filling your brows with either method above you can do 1 of 2 things;

  • Set the brows with a clear mascara or brow gel to finish if you want the brows to be filled but still appear natural.


  • More precisely shape & define the brows with a concealer. For a natural but crisp look you can use a concealer that  matches your skin tone or for the more glamorous “eyebrows on fleek” look you can use a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone (based on preference) & follow the steps below.

For concealer I am using my Coastal Scents Camouflage Concealer Palette in the shade highlighted in the picture below.



Defining The Eyebrows
  1. Carefully use an angled brush to outline below & above the eyebrows with the concealer.
  2. Blend the concealer lining the bottom of the brow downwards onto the brow bone area using the same angled brush.
  3. Blend the concealer at the top of the brow upwards.
  4. Use a brow gel or clear mascara to set the brows in place.



After you finish defining your eyebrows you’re well on your way to finishing your face because brows can take quite a bit of time to perfect. I honestly spend most of my makeup application time doing my eyebrows, no joke.

Keep practicing until you get them exactly how you want them & modify the steps as you see fit to meet your brow expectations.

I really hope this little guide has been helpful to those of you who needed it! I love trying new brow products so let me know what products you use to fill your brows in the comments below.


Until next time,

xo Justine-Renee

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  1. November 3, 2016 / 1:18 pm

    A great ‘how to’ and you’re so right – I look completely unfinished if I don’t do anything with my ‘sparse’ brows – why does hair grow in all the wrong place (well it does at 56 anyway…haha!!) I’m just waiting for my niece to microblade my brows which will make life much easier with a decent shape to work to.. She calls mine ‘slug brows’… cheeky minx! We’re going to vlog it.. ouch! x

    • November 4, 2016 / 2:18 pm

      Glad you agree, I really believe brows make such a difference! Haha I look forward to your microblading post you’re definitely going to enjoy them once the process is all complete!
      So happy you enjoyed the post!
      xo Justine-Renee

  2. November 3, 2016 / 3:44 pm

    Excellent tips! This was really a great ‘how to’ guide, you were very thorough and gave great information. When eyebrows and filling them in became so popular, I remember it took me a little bit to get the hang of filling in my brows to exactly how I wanted them. I watched many YouTube videos on it lol. Your eyebrows look fantastic! I love the shape! I’m looking into getting microblading done on mine (as soon as my hairdresser is all set to do them) growing up I always had thick brows, but many years of plucking them have made them too thin and now they won’t grow in certain places. I still get them waxed to keep them up… but if only I could turn back time lol. Really great post!! Very helpful!

    • November 4, 2016 / 2:15 pm

      Thanks Jen!! I definitely know what you mean about over plucking/waxing to have thin brows back in the day! I wish I could get back my super thick brows too.
      You’re going to love your microbladed brows, so worth it!
      Glad you enjoyed the post!
      xo Justine-Renee

  3. Karlansia Mills
    November 3, 2016 / 9:57 pm

    Great post! Been looking for good advice on how to fill my brows, Going to try this out tomorrow!

    • November 4, 2016 / 2:13 pm

      Thank you Karlansia!! Glad you like the tips & I hope they work for you, keep practicing! ☺️
      xo Justine-Renee

  4. November 5, 2016 / 1:02 am

    Hey Dear!
    ThnQ for Sharing! Love It! Definitly will follow your blog!
    Yesss! Hugz, Miss B.

    • November 5, 2016 / 1:05 am

      Thank you so much!!
      xo Justine-Renee

  5. November 6, 2016 / 12:15 am

    Great post Justine! Definitely will be trying out some of your recommendations.

    • November 6, 2016 / 3:57 pm

      Thank you so much doll!
      So glad you found it helpful!
      xo Justine-Renee

    • November 7, 2016 / 2:58 pm

      Thank you so much & you’re most welcome!
      xo Justine-Renee

  6. November 17, 2016 / 5:49 pm

    Great Post Girl! I forgot to comment on this one!
    You’re eyebrows are popping Girllllll!
    Ohwwv yesss!

    Hugz, Miss B.

  7. December 17, 2016 / 6:21 pm

    OMG You are gorrrrrrgeous!!!

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