Crochet Curls

Hello my darlings! So today’s post is going to be all about the hairstyle that started it all & got me into protective styles in the first place, Crochet Curls! This has definitely been one of my cutest hairstyles to date! I loved being a curly sue which is why I had this style done at least 4 times last year! As with all my protective styles to date, this was done by Tess. We used 10 packs of Janet Noir Afro Twist Braid & used perm rods to curl the hair.   Story time! So I’ve never really done the whole “weave” thing, except in… View Post

Crochet Faux Locs | Bobbi Boss Bomba Dreadlocks Soul 

Hey everyone! So, welcome to my very first blog post (yay!😁) I figured it would only be right for my first post to be all about one of my most loved and most asked about protective styles to date, crochet faux locs! To start, I used Bobbi Boss Bomba Dread Locs Soul. I got mine in two colours, #1 & T1B/DGreen from Sam’s Beauty (for approximately $6 USD per pack) & they were installed by Tess. These locs have been used twice (so far). The first time, on what I call my “trial run”, I wasn’t 100% sure I would like them on me so I only used the… View Post